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Camilla Divine Divinity Panelled Sleeve Blouson Bomber

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The Divine Divinity Panelled Sleeve Blouson Bomber steals the gaze with the poetic bloom of poppies dipped in crimson and daffodils, delicate daisies that dance amidst a sea of midnight hues. Crafted from the softness of silk, this luxury bomber is rethought with the delicate touch of a blouson sleeve, elastic encased cuff and waistband accents, finished with pocket functionality for effortless versatility.


- The Moral Of The Story: Act I
- Inspired by a fantasy land where dreams come to life
- Handcrafted
- Designed in Australia
- CAMILLA Ready-To-Wear


- Blouson sleeve
- Rib neck + cuffs + waist
- Detailed panel body
- Front pockets


100% SILK