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Red Hill Collective

Neckermann Double Bar White With Gold Buckles

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Neckermann Double Bar White Gold

Comfort and Style: the two things every pair of shoe needs.

Have you found finding a pair of shoes with both of these qualities is close to impossible??

Luckily Neckermann and Global Free Style are here to save you from another over-priced and under-valued pair of shoes with the Neckermann Shoes.

Flawlessly created with man-made materials, and a soft suede sole, everyone will be 'ooh'ing and 'ahh'ing over these exceptional shoes.

Wear Neckermann shoes for casual occasions. With a softly shaped instep, you will never want to take them off.

This stylish shoe wraps softly around your feet and is easy to wear all day long. Their rubber base provides grip and cushions impact for extra comfort.

Wear Neckermann shoes to enhance your favourite outfits. Add a bag or outfit from our range to set off these wonderful shoes.

Wear them with your favorite jeans or dresses. Perfect for a day out to your favorite cafe with friends or take them on your next holiday.