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Camilla Soar Like An Eagle Ring Headband

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The Soar Like An Eagle Ring Headband enwraps your hair with an ivory dreamscape defined by cascades of rich golden chains, lavish baroque detailing that floats amidst sandy featherings and pearlescent amulets dipped in ethereality. Crafted with hand-embellished signature CAMILLA crystals, this luxury headband is home to an elasticated backing for your most comfortable fit, gold hardware detailing for an added moment of shimmer and a generous width.


- Soar Like An Eagle Ring Headband
- Our Natural Lore Part II
- Inspired by the powerful presence of the eagle and the raven
- CAMILLA accessories
- Handcrafted
- Designed in Australia
- Elasticated strap
- Printed silk
- Metal ring detail
- Crystals


100% SILK