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Camilla Sisterhood Of The Rose Raglan Button Up Shirt

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The Sisterhood Of The Rose Raglan Button Up Shirt captivates the gaze with a sea of midnight hues adorned with poppies dipped in crimson and cream, roses dancing amidst leafy cascades and subtle baroque detailing that accompanies gemstone amulets. Crafted with crystal adornments, this luxury silk blouse plays host to a hand-embellished collar that melts into billowy blouson sleeves, tapered cuffs echoing golden hardware and a softly relaxed silhouette that falls into flared hemline.


- The Moral Of The Story: Act I
- Inspired by storybook tales of enchantment and transformation
- Handcrafted
- Designed in Australia
- CAMILLA Ready-To-Wear



- Crystal embellishment
- Blouson sleeves
- Buttoned cuffs
- High collar and stand


100% SILK